Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) incorporates the presence of animals into therapy as an added source of connection and healing. The non-judging acceptance and affection of a therapy animal offers a profoundly restorative experience of love and understanding that can deepen and at times transcend the cerebral process of talk therapy. 

When clients are interested in AAT, I will bring my dog Mati into sessions. Just like our therapeutic relationship, we allow time for you and Mati to get to know each other and explore the organic development of your connection. In her work with clients so far, Mati has shown an intuitive sense for those who need healing and comfort and not hesitated to respond with her gentle, loving presence.

Mati and I are a registered therapy animal team through Pet Partners, a nationally recognized non-profit organization providing training, registrations, and ongoing evaluation of therapy animals and their human partners.