Ecotherapy is derived from ecopsychology -- an area of study that integrates principles of psychology and ecology to examine the essential connections between humans and the natural world we live in. In ecotherapy we explore the healing potential of the natural world and work to deepen our sense of connected self and wellbeing within the world that sustains us.

Ecotherapy can be practiced in many ways, including: 

  • bringing small natural objects (stones, plants, etc.) into session for meditative reflection
  • developing a routine of intentional time spent with nature (walking, gardening, sitting outside, etc.)
  • spending some of our time in sessions together outside

Some more specific modalities of ecotherapy include animal assisted therapy, horticultural therapy, and wilderness therapy. I have experience with each of these and am able to bring them into our work together if you are interested, or to help you access outside programs if you are looking for an ecotherapy experience on a bigger scale.